Sea Wild™ Natural Bathing Sea Sponge for Outdoor Enthusiasts


Brand The Sea Sponge Company™



  Fast Drying

  Earth Friendly

  Renewable Resource


  Gently Exfoliating

  Odor Resistant


Sea Wild™ bathing sponges are the perfect adventure-ready hygiene solution for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds.  Hikers, backpackers, and mountain climbers love them because they are ultra light-weight and easily fit in a small space.  Fishers, hunters, mountain bikers, and campers find them ideal for cleaning up gear and for bathing on the go.  Horse and dog owners enjoy how quickly they lather, making light work of cleaning furry friends as well.  And for the more refined adventurer, Sea Wild™ bathing sponges make a great companion to any solar heated shower, providing the most luxurious outdoor bathing experience available.

However you enjoy using your Sea Wild™ bathing sponge, you will love how their natural enzymes resist odors and inhibit the growth of bacteria, while their porous texture makes them highly absorbent and allows them to air dry quickly.

Our natural Sea Wild™ bathing sponges are hand-selected from the premium Rock Island Wool variety, which are sustainably harvested just off the Florida coast.  They are soft enough for the most sensitive skin, while dense and durable enough to remove even the toughest grime with only a small amount of your favorite biodegradable soap.

Included with every Sea Wild™ sea sponge is a drawstring mesh bag* for convenient storage and drying. [*Green mesh bags temporarily out of stock, will come with black mesh bag instead as of 7/12/15]