Sea Sponge Drawstring Mesh Drying & Storage Bag


Brand The Sea Sponge Company™

Get the most out of your sea sponges by drying them in a hanging mesh bag!  Fast drying sea sponges helps the sponges to last longer and is a great way to store any type and size of sponge.  Once the excess water has been squeezed out of your sea sponge, the remaining moisture will evaporate without dripping, so you can hang and store anywhere you like.

Recommended Sizing

Medium, Flat, 6" x 9" - for cosmetic sea sponges, sea sponge tampons, baby bathing sea sponges, dish washing sea sponges, small to medium cleaning sponges, and medium adult bathing sea sponges

Large, Round Bottom, 5" x 5" x 8" - for large adult bathing sea sponges, wall painting sea sponges, large all-purpose and cleaning sea sponges

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