Sea Sparkle™ Honeycomb Wool Natural Dishwashing Sea Sponge


Brand The Sea Sponge Company™

  Gentle on Hands

  Scratch Resistant


  Long Lasting

  Tough on Gunk

  Lathers Liberally

  Odor Resistant

  Naturally Antibacterial

  Toxin & Chemical Free

  Earth Friendly


  Renewable Resource

Clean your kitchen nature’s way by switching to a Sea Sparkle™ Natural Dishwashing Sea Sponge.  Great for cleaning countertops, sinks, plates, cups, bowls, utensils, and pots and pans, as well as fine china, crystal, and other delicate household décor.  Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your natural sponge won’t scratch or damage dishes and that your kitchen can be free of toxins, odors, and bacteria.

Selected from our Honeycomb Wool sea sponge variety, and harvested by hand just off the Florida coast by our specially trained divers, these 3.5"- 4" sponges are dense, durable, and effective, while also extraordinarily soft and gentle.  Sea Sparkle™ sea sponges provide a rich thick lather and are safe on all types of non-stick coatings, as well as aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, porcelain, glass, and all other types of cookware and bakeware.

Sea Sparkle™ Dishwashing Sea Sponges last longer and stay fresher than synthetic alternatives, because they are not put together in a factory with chemicals and glue; instead, they come straight from nature, and contain innate enzymes that inhibit odors and the growth of bacteria and mold.

Environmentally conscious households love that Sea Sparkle™ sea sponges are 100% biodegradable and never leave behind wasteful or unnatural byproducts, from when they are harvested to whenever you finally have to replace them.  They are also gathered using only renewable and sustainable harvesting practices, which ensure that the base of the sponge is left intact allowing it to grow back fuller and stronger than before.

Save money, save time, save your hands, protect your environment, and make your dishes sparkle like never before; try our all-natural Sea Sparkle™ Dishwashing Sea Sponge today!


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