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Sea Shine™ Professional Automobile Washing Sea Sponge (6" - 7") + Mesh Drying Bag


Brand The Sea Sponge Company™

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  Safe on Paint

  Ultra Soft


  Tough on Dirt

  Lathers Liberally

  Fast Drying

  Earth Friendly

  Long Lasting

  Odor Resistant

When it comes to luxury auto care, professional auto detailers and car owners of all kinds agree that nothing offers a more consistent and effective hand wash and scratch-free finish than a premium natural sea sponge.  Our Sea Shine™ professional car washing sponges are hand-selected from our premium Rock Island Wool variety, which are sustainably harvested just off the Florida coast.  These are some the best sponges that you can buy for all your auto detailing needs, because they are highly absorbent and extremely durable, while also super soft to the touch and gentle on your paint.

The dense but pliable nature of these Rock Island Wool sponges allows you to apply delicate but consistent pressure along the surface of your vehicle for gently removing all unwanted grit and grime, while their soft and highly porous texture then quickly absorbs all the loosened particles into the sponge thus minimizing the risk of scratching, while leaving your paint bright and shiny.  Because Sea Shine™ sponges are so porous, they also lather extremely well, meaning that your sudsy water will spread a lot farther, leaving you with less trips to the soap bucket and making for a faster and more efficient auto washing experience.

Naturally inhibiting the growth of bacteria and odors, our Sea Shine™ sponges clean with just the tiniest bit of soap.  Use your favorite phosphate-free, chemical-free soap in combination with our all-natural sea sponge for an environmentally conscious clean that leaves no harmful residue for plants or animals.

Save money, save time, protect your paint, and protect the environment; try a natural Rock Island Wool Sea Shine™ Professional Auto Washing Sea Sponge today!

Measuring 6-7 inches in size, our Sea Shine™ natural sea sponges are ideal for hand washing cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, boats, jet skis, and more.

Included with every Sea Shine™ sponge is a mesh drawstring bag for convenient storage and drying.