Sea Hermit™ Natural Hermit Crab Watering Sea Sponge & 2 Sea Shell Dishes


Brand The Sea Sponge Company™

  Safe & Natural

  Contains Minerals

  Maintains Humidity

  Highly Absorbent

  Odor Resistant

  Earth Friendly

Hermit Crabs of all kinds love our Sea Hermit™ watering sea sponges because they are completely natural and make every aquarium feel more like home.  Using a natural sponge to water your crab is the safest way to prevent accidental drowning, and they also help to maintain the proper humidity level that keeps hermit crabs healthy and happy.

Sea Hermit™ sea sponges are 100% biodegradable and naturally resistant to odors, mold, and bacteria growth and contain no toxins or chemicals – unlike synthetic sponges – so you can provide your hermit crab with a pure source of clean, fresh, life-giving water.  Our Sea Hermit™ sea sponges are always sustainably harvested by hand to ensure that the original sponge is left intact and able to regrow, making them a very renewable resource.

A Sea Hermit™ sea sponge will add beauty and character, in addition to moisture, to the hermit crab habitat in your home or classroom.  Kids love watching the small animals interact with the sea sponge, learning about nature as they observe.

Included with every Sea Hermit™ sea sponge are two natural seashell dishes.


  1. Place both seashell dishes in your hermit crab aquarium in a location that your pet can access.
  2. Moisten sea sponge with clean purified water.
  3. Fill one dish with crab food and the other with water.  Real seashells make perfect dishes, not only because they come from your crab’s natural environment, but also because they are shallow and perfectly sized for easy access.
  4. Place sea sponge in water dish.  Be sure not to overfill so as to allow the sponge to soak up all the water in the dish.  Your hermit crab will lick the sponge whenever they are thirsty.
  5. Change food and water daily.  Replace your sponge and seashell dishes if they become damaged.

*Hermit crab shell and food pellets not included