Sea Exfoliator Junior™ Yellow Sea Sponge for Facial Exfoliation


Brand The Sea Sponge Company™

  Safe & Natural


  Fast Drying

  Gently Exfoliating


  Odor Resistant

  Earth Friendly


  Renewable Resource

The Sea Exfoliator Junior™ facial sea sponge is a great tool for gently removing dead skin and topical accumulation of pollution and debris.  Add this sponge to your accessory kit for naturally improved facial health and wellness.  Men and women with sensitive skin love how the sea sponge is hypoallergenic, unlike synthetic competitors that are made with chemicals and toxic plastic.

Slightly smaller than our original Sea Exfoliator™ body sponge, this 3-4 inch sponge is perfectly suited for facial use, as well as manicures and pedicures or any area that needs moderate exfoliation.  Yellow sponges are among the stiffest of natural sea sponges, making them generally preferred for occasional exfoliation rather than a product for daily care.  Although, some of our customers do find them soft enough for daily use.

Enjoy the peace of knowing that your Sea Exfoliator Junior™ facial sponge is completely earth friendly, being 100% biodegradable and sustainably and renewably harvested directly from the Gulf of Mexico.  Combine that with the fact that sea sponges are durable, effective, and contain enzymes that naturally inhibit odors and the growth of bacteria and mold, and you’ve got the best skincare solution for your body and for the world around you.

As with all our products, you can trust our Sea Exfoliator Junior™ Yellow Sea Sponge for facial exfoliation is the highest quality nature has to offer and hand processed with the utmost level of care!