Sea Clean™ Raw Honeycomb Wool All-Purpose Sea Sponge


Brand The Sea Sponge Company™

  Safe & Natural



  Tough on Grime


  Odor Resistant

  Earth Friendly


  Renewable Resource

Available in a variety of sizes, the Sea Clean™ Raw Honeycomb Wool All-Purpose Sea Sponge is the natural and economical choice for household cleaning, arts and crafts, bathing, and many other applications.  Sea Clean™ Raw Honeycomb Wool Sponges are the least processed, the longest lasting, and the most durable of all our sea sponges, and while slightly rougher in texture than more processed sponges, are still soft enough for bathing, dish washing, and delicate household cleaning. 

These earth friendly sponges are 100% biodegradable and sustainably and renewably harvested from the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, making them the product of choice for environmentally conscious consumers who prefer all-natural cleaning supplies.  Mediterranean Honeycomb Wool is the ideal combination between the dense and durable Rock Island Wool sponges of the Atlantic and the soft and pliable Prime Wool sponges from off of the Bahamanian Islands, all combined into one amazing sponge.  

Sea Clean™ Raw Honeycomb Wool sponges also contain natural enzymes that inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and odors, for keeping your home fresher and cleaner without the use of chemicals or toxins.

Because raw sea sponges are minimally processed and have not been naturally bleached, customers can expect a darker color and more of an ocean smell than other natural sea sponges we offer.  Sea Clean™ Raw Honeycomb Wool Sea Sponges are the ideal choice for individuals who prefer their sponge just the way it came from nature, and who don’t mind cleaning it a little extra themselves.

In addition to being ideal for cleaning of all kinds, raw sponges are also great for wall painting, pet bathing, and as a beautiful center piece for any ocean themed décor.


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