Lil' Silky™ Mediterranean Silk Natural Baby Bathing Sea Sponge


Brand The Sea Sponge Company™

  Safe & Natural

  Ultra Soft


  Gently Cleansing


  Odor Resistant

  Earth Friendly


  Renewable Resource

Give your baby the gift of pure, silky soft, natural skin by bathing them with a Lil’ Silky™ Mediterranean Silk bathing sponge. Our Lil’ Silky™ sponges are the ideal natural bathing solution for infants and babies, and toddlers with especially sensitive skin, because they can be used with or without soap for a mild and soothing bathing experience that leaves your little one feeling clean, fresh, and ultra smooth.

Hand-selected from our luxurious Mediterranean Silk sea sponge variety, and sustainably harvested from the Mediterranean Sea, this little sea sponge offers an amazing alternative to synthetic baby wash cloths and sponges. No harsh bleaching chemicals are ever used in processing, so you can be sure no irritations will occur on the sensitive skin of your baby. Instead, sea sponges contain enzymes that naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and odors, keeping your baby’s skin safe, clean, and silky smooth.

At 3-4 inches, the Lil’ Silky™ bathing sea sponges are just the right size to easily wash with one hand while supporting an infant with the other. Older babies enjoy being able to comfortably hold and lather their own sponge, too, for an easy and fun way to learn how to clean themselves. Being both biodegradable and a renewable resource, this sponge is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious caregivers who favor a natural, earth friendly lifestyle.

As with all our products, you can trust our Lil' Silky™ Mediterranean Silk Natural Baby Bathing Sponge is the highest quality nature has to offer and hand processed with the utmost level of care!


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