What Is A Sea Sponge?

A sea sponge is a simple multicellular living organism that grows on the ocean’s floors all around the world.  Sea sponges come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  They have a hard outer shell and a soft porous inside.  This inner squishy and highly absorbent inner portion of the sea sponge is incredibly durable and an efficient tool for dozens of different tasks.  To learn all about sea sponges click here

What Are Sea Sponges Used For?

Sea sponges are most well known as a luxurious, natural alternative for bathing and cosmetics but are also great for cleaning of all kinds, dish washing, pet bathing, car washing, exfoliation, wall painting, arts and crafts, water color painting, nautical themed décor, photography props, first aid, and even as an alternative to tampons for natural feminine hygiene.  To learn more about the many uses of sea sponges click here.

Why Are Natural Sea Sponges Better Than Synthetic Sponges?

When synthetic sponges are made, they are injected with triclosan, which is classified as a pesticide that fights bacteria.  In addition, cotton products are processed with chlorine and other chemicals to ensure they are clean.  Unfortunately, these chemicals have been linked to a variety of problems, from skin rashes to cancer.  Not to mention all the waste and the toxins that are emitted back into the environment during the processing of synthetic sponges and as they break down from use.   

Natural sea sponge contain innate enzymes and minerals that help prevent the development of odors, molds, and bacteria.  They are also hypoallergenic because they are always naturally processed and contain no artificial ingredients, harsh chemicals, or toxins of any kind.  As a result they are softer, more absorbent, lather extremely well, and are not known to cause skin irritation.  Additionally, they generally last much longer than synthetic sponges, along with being fully biodegradable, and are actually good for the environment since they are sustainably harvested so that they remain a renewable resource.

Are Sea Sponges Earth-Friendly?

Yes!  Sea sponges are extremely earth-friendly.  Natural sea sponges are truly 100% natural from their unhampered-with cellular structure, to their naturally occurring sea minerals, to their eco-processing.  They’re fully biodegradable.  And sea sponges are also earth-friendly, because of their sustainable harvesting with minimal waste which has actually been shown to promote the growth of sponge colonies and enhance the ocean’s ecosystem.  To learn more about how our sea sponge are sustainably harvested and processed read the Our Sponges portion of the Our Company page.   

Are Sea Sponges Vegan-Friendly?

At The Sea Sponge Company, we and many of our Vegan customers would say “yes” and the following is why.  The first and most debated question to consider related to the “Vegan question” is whether sea sponges are plants or animals.  By definition, sea sponges are classified as animals – although, this was debated for centuries, during which time they were considered first as coral and then as “half-plant and half-animal organisms” – but everything about their life cycle is far more akin to that of a plant.  Specifically, they grow like plants, they eat like plants, and they have no organs or brain or nervous system, meaning that they are not self-aware, cannot think, and feel no pain of any kind. Additionally, when harvested correctly sea sponges do not die or incur injury; instead, they grow back stronger and fuller than before, like a plant that has been pruned, and at the same time release spores that settle to the ocean floor and form into new sponges.  For these reasons most people in the modern day are agreed that using a natural sea sponge is in no way at odds with the Vegan belief system or lifestyle.  To read more on this question check out our blog post “Are Natural Sea Sponges Vegan-Friendly?”

How Many Kinds Of Sea Sponges Are There?

They are over 5,000 different kinds of sea sponges found in oceans all over the world, but less than 12 are actually sold for commercial use.  Some of the most well-known of these are the Mediterranean Silk, Rock Island Wool, Prime Wool, Mexican Yellow, Honeycomb Wool, Grass, Atlantic Silk, Barrel/Vase, Finger, and Elephant Ear.  At The Sea Sponge Company™ we have chosen to provide primarily only the most durable and most luxurious among these sponges, because while each sponge variety is unique in texture, appearance, and versatility, not all sponges are equal in quality.  To learn more about our premium sea sponge line visit our Product Store.      

How Are Sea Sponges Harvested?

Natural sea sponges are “fished” from the bottom of the ocean using large fishing boats, often owned and operated by families who have specialized in the sponge harvesting business for decades and even centuries.  All of the sponges sold by The Sea Sponge Company™ are carefully and sustainably harvested by specially trained divers who systematically rotate harvesting grounds and who always ensure that the base of the sponge is left intact so as to allow for healthy and productive regrowth without hindering the natural habitat within each sea sponge colony harvested from.  To learn more about where sea sponges come from and how they are harvested please visit our “About Sea Sponges” page.

Are Sea Sponges Safe To Use On Newborns And Children?

Yes!  Because natural sea sponges are very soft, absorbent, and hypoallergenic, they are the perfect choice for newborns and children.  At The Sea Sponge Company™ we actually offer two different varieties of uniquely designed natural sea sponges that are 100% safe and natural for bathing your little one.  Lil’ Silky™ Mediterranean Silk baby bathing sponges are perfect for infants and babies with especially sensitive skin or for those desire a gently-cleansing bathing experience that requires little to no soap, while our Lil’ Lamby™ Prime Wool baby bathing sponges are great for babies and toddlers because they provide a quick and rich lather and make rinsing fun and easy.

Can Sea Sponges Be Used As An Alternative To Tampons?

Yes!  Expertly trimmed and cleaned Mediterranean Silk sea sponges make a wonderful alternative to today's traditional tampons.  They're healthier, safer, and far more comfortable.  While some companies also offer Atlantic Silk sea sponges as a tampon alternative, we at The Sea Sponge Company™ have chosen to only provide expertly processed Mediterranean Silks, because they are a lot softer, gentler on delicate skin, are slightly more absorbent than Atlantic Silks.  To learn more about why you should make the switch today to using natural sea sponge tampons visit here!  To learn more about how to use and care for natural Mediterranean Silk sea sponge tampons check out our Sea Sponge Tampons 101 page.  Instructional brochures are also provided with every order of Sea Clouds™ Sea Sponge Tampons.

How Do I Know Which Sea Sponge Is Right For Me?

While any sea sponge you choose from our website may be used in a variety of ways, some are better for bathing, some for art, some for cleaning, some for outdoor adventuring, some for pets, some for personal feminine hygiene, some for beauty and cosmetics, some for car washing, and many more uses.  To learn more of the differences between our various premium sea sponges and which sponge is ideal for which task, please visit the “Compare and Choose your Own Sea Sponge” product page. 

What Is A “Raw” Sea Sponge?

A raw sea sponge, quite simply, is a completely unprocessed natural sponge.  While most of the sponges that we offer at The Sea Sponge Company™ have been naturally “bleached,” thoroughly washed, carefully inspected for sea debris, and in some cases cut to size and shape, our Raw Honeycomb Wool sponges are brought to you straight from the ocean without any processing except rinsing and a basic quality and safety inspection.  Raw natural sea sponges are great for cleaning, nautical décor, or just for those who prefer a completely natural, authentic sea sponge that they can process and use as they choose.  The main difference between a “raw” sea sponge and those more processed is that the raw sponge has a stronger and more distinct ocean smell,  darker color, is slightly rougher in texture, may contain sea debris (such as kelp, seaweed, and bits of corral or seashell), and is more durable – often lasting longer than any other sea sponge.

What Is The Difference Between Atlantic Silk And Mediterranean Silk?

Atlantic Silk sea sponges, as their name suggest, come from all around the Atlantic Ocean and are harvested by U.S. local divers all up the Florida coast.  Mediterranean Silk sea sponges, however, are native only to the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and are imported to the U.S.  In appearance and function the two sponges are very similar, while in texture the Mediterranean Silk are much softer, denser, and more absorbent.  Due to this lack of local supply and their superior quality, Mediterranean Silk sponges are more expensive than Atlantic Silk sponges, but are considered by all as the more luxurious and premium choice in silk sea sponges.  This is why at The Sea Sponge Company™ we only offer premium imported Mediterranean Silk sea sponges, as our premium bathing choice and for all of our cosmetic and feminine hygiene alternative product solutions. 

Can You Use Sea Sponges On Your Face And Sensitive Areas?

Yes!  All natural sea sponge are toxin and chemical-free.  Most natural sea sponges are also much softer than synthetic alternatives and absolutely safe and gentle on even the most sensitive of skin.  Particularly our Mediterranean Silk, Rock Island Wool, and Prime Wool sea sponges all have hypoallergenic qualities, contain natural enzymes that eliminate odors, molds, and bacteria’s and natural minerals that are actually good for your skin, lather well, are super soft to the touch, and are very durable.  

Which Sea Sponge Works Best For Exfoliation? 

While many sea sponges are known for their ability to “gently exfoliate” the skin, we recommended a Natural Yellow as one the best options, whether for a full body exfoliation or simply for a gentle facial exfoliation.  Yellow sea sponges are the roughest of the sea sponges that we carry while still being gentler than a microderm wash cloth for evenly removing dead skin cells and leaving the skin smooth and clean.  Our Sea Exfoliator™ and Sea Exfoliator Junior™ body and face exfoliation sponges may be used with or without a nourishing natural body scrub or polish.

Are Sea Sponges Safe For Pets?

Sure!  Sea Sponges are 100% safe to use on pets, because they do not contain toxins or chemicals.  They are also super durable, lather well, and contain natural enzymes to reduce the buildup of odors and harmful bacteria.  At The Sea Sponge Company™ we offer a variety of great sea sponges for Pet Care, including, a “Choose Your Own” option which is a great for bathing dogs and other medium sized domestic or farm animals as well as for cleaning pet cages, toys, and equipment, a Sea Hermit™ sponge for use in hermit crab aquariums and fish tanks, and a Sea Equine™ bathing sea sponge for horses and other large animal bathing and care. 

What Is The Best Sponge Wall “Sponging” And Faux Finish Painting?

As a general rule all natural sea sponges make amazing tools for creating unique and beautiful textural patterns and wall-art of all kinds, but we have found that one of the best choices for large scale wall painting – also known as “wall sponging” – is a large Yellow sea sponge.  Our Yellow sea sponges are harvested from the Gulf of Mexico and are very dense with an exceptional pore structure, making for a sponge that is absorbent enough to take in just the right amount of paint, while firm enough to leave a crisp and clear pattern on the wall.  Try one of our Sea Painter™ wall painting sea sponges today, and you won’t ever use another sponge for painting again! 

Which Sea Sponges Are Best For Painting, Arts, And Crafts?

Any sea sponge is the perfect choice for watercolor and canvass painting, or for arts and crafts.  It really depends on what kind of pattern or artwork you are trying to accomplish.  Old bathing and cosmetic sponges cut into small pieces make great tools for creating unique paintings or for wood staining, art tool cleaning, and crafts of all kinds.  However, for some projects you need a rough sponge, while for others you need a soft sponge, for some projects you need one pattern and for some another, and that is while we created our Sea Artist™ arts and crafts sea sponge variety pack.  With this artist sea sponge kit you will receive a variety of different sponges, each a different texture and shape, so you can compare them side by side and decide for yourself which ones are best for you.  And if you decide you like one sponge over another, then the next time just go to our “Choose Your Own” product page and pick out the size, shape, and quantity that you would like.

Can You Use Sea Sponges For Tile And Grout Work?

Certainly!  Many tiles setters, masons, and stone artisans love using natural sea sponges for grout work and clean-up of all kinds, because they are much more absorbent than synthetic sponges and last a lot longer even for the toughest of jobs.  Not to mention they are better on the environment and emit no harmful toxins as they biodegrade like cheap synthetic sponges do.  The most ideal option for tile, stone, and brick grouting and clean-up of all kinds is our Raw Honeycomb Wool multiple purpose sea sponges.  They’re economically priced and incredibly durable!

Are Sea Sponges Safe For Paint On Cars, Trucks, And Boats?

For luxury washing and detailing of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, jet skis, RVs, boats, and other vehicles with delicate paint we recommended using our expertly processed Sea Shine™ automobile washing sea sponges.  We have carefully chosen these from among the premium large Rock Island Wool sea sponges for both their denseness and durability as well as their soft and porous texture.  We do not recommend using any other sea sponge for cleaning delicate painted surfaces, as their natural texture or lack of careful processing could scratch your paint.  When using our Sea Shine™ sponges for a quality wash that you can count on, always be sure to rinse thoroughly and inspect yourself before your first use to ensure that all tiny bits of sea debris have been removed.

How Do I Clean And Care For My Sponge To Make It Last Longer?

For great tips on how to use, clean, and store your sea sponge please visit our General Sea Sponge Care page.

We'd like to welcome you to the world of natural sea sponges, and for any other questions you may have, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!