Free Bath & Beatuy 4x6 Recipe Cards - Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

Presently there are zero regulations protecting the public regarding the safety of cosmetics or bath and body products. More importantly, there are no guidelines regarding brands using the word “natural” in their marketing efforts. It should come as no surprise that our skin craves soothing, moisture rich nutrients in order for it to look its most beautiful. As a matter of fact, skin is the largest organ of all the human body. It breathes, absorbs, and secretes; it also requires nourishment to stay healthy.

How Do You Pronounce That?

With so many products on the market today, it can be challenging to know what to select to keep your skin and body healthy, and maintain a vibrant glow.  Unfortunately, many of today’s products contain silicone, alcohol, and tongue twisting chemicals that would cause pronunciation difficulties for even the most astute chemist.  There are also those who live by the credo that if you can’t pronounce it then it’s not natural.  Philosophically that sounds great, but in reality there are many natural things that are difficult to pronounce such as Butyrospermum Parkii or Lavandula Angustifolia, also known as shea butter and lavender oil respectively.  

However, there are also many difficult and not so difficult to pronounce ingredients that have no business being in beauty and body care products, but are nonetheless commonplace.  Many products on the shelf are known to negatively impact mucous membranes, cause eczema, create allergic reactions, including itchy skin and watery eyes.  Some even cause urinary tract infections, and have been linked to cancer!  So, how does one avoid the poisoned bath and beauty cesspool?  Simple, create your own!

Are You A Kitchen Chemist?

The term Kitchen Chemist is a phrase dubbed for those who like to create their own version of body care, and coincidentally it usually happens in the kitchen.  You don’t have to be an Einstein or have lots of time or money.   Kitchen chemistry is all about taking every day natural ingredients, and combining them to create amazing recipes for skin, bath, and body care.  Creating your own natural products is not only fun, but it’s rewarding because you know for certain what’s not only going on your skin, but in it as well (remember skin absorbs).  In addition, creating your own personal care allows you to customize your creations, allowing you to get the greatest benefit from whole, natural sources based on your skin type.

Check out the variety of free do-it-yourself bath and beauty recipe cards The Sea Sponge Company has to offer to inspire your natural, everyday routine for both your health and relaxation pleasure.  These recipes are simple, luxurious, and will save you money (our absolute favorite qualities in any purchased or homemade product)!

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