Cosmetic Sea Sponges Care & Directions (Mediterranean Silk Sea Sponges)

Many women enjoy the very gentle and mildly exfoliating texture of sea sponges for the purpose of cleansing their faces.  Simply soften the sponge with water, pour a small amount of wash or scrub onto the sponge, massage with your fingers to lather, and apply in circular motion to cleanse the face and improve your skin’s circulation.

Premium silk sponges can also be used to apply creams and oils to the face.  Moisten and squeeze out excess water before using to apply creams and oils.  Application is silky smooth and will not tug your sensitive skin, which is important in the prevention of wrinkles.

Another favorite use is the application of make-up with a silk sea sponge for a perfectly airbrushed finish.  When you're ready to apply your foundation, first wet your sponge to moisten it and squeeze out any excess moisture.  You don't want your sponge to be dripping wet, just damp.  Not only does it make your sponge softer, but it will also not soak up as much foundation.

Next, pour about a dime-sized amount of foundation onto the back of your hand.  If you need more, you can add more later, but start out with small amounts so you don't waste your foundation.

Dip the edge of your sponge into the foundation using a stippling motion (pat, pat, pat) to get a small amount of product on your sponge.  Start at the center of your face and apply your foundation in short, downward strokes, re-dipping your sponge into the foundation when needed.  Try your best to evenly coat the skin using this method.  Add more foundation to areas that seem blotchy or uncovered.

Once you’ve applied your foundation, flip your sponge over, and use the clean side to gently blend away any buildup or uneven areas.  Finish off your foundation with your favorite powder. DOWNLOAD SEA SPONGE CARE & DIRECTIONS PRINTABLE PDF
(Includes General Sponge Care Instructions, The Many Uses of Sea Sponges, Bathing Sea Sponge Instructions, Cosmetic Sea Sponge Instructions, Sea Sponge Tampons Instructions, and Vaginal Hygiene Suppositories with Sea Sponge Instructions)