Bathing Sea Sponge Instructions (Natural Wool Sea Sponge)

While showering or bathing, simply squeeze your sea sponge under water to soften, pour a small amount of your favorite body wash onto the sponge, and lather generously. 

When you are done bathing, be sure to rinse out all soap from your sponge and squeeze out excess water to enable it to air dry.  Sea sponges contain natural enzymes that inhibit the growth of bacteria, but this will help as well!

We recommend taking the time once a month to soak your bathing sponge in a mixture of 2 Tablespoons of baking soda to 2 cups of water to revitalize the cellular structure and get the most life out of your sponge.  Increase the solution as needed for larger sponges. DOWNLOAD SEA SPONGE CARE & DIRECTIONS PRINTABLE PDF
(Includes General Sponge Care Instructions, The Many Uses of Sea Sponges, Bathing Sea Sponge Instructions, Cosmetic Sea Sponge Instructions, Sea Sponge Tampons Instructions, and Vaginal Hygiene Suppositories with Sea Sponge Instructions)