Introducing our Sister Company Femallay™ Inc.

Femallay™ Easy Empty Menstrual Cup

Since launching The Sea Sponge Company in 2012, offering unique, comfortable, and earth friendly hygiene solutions has been the heartbeat of our company.  Following that vision, our company president and co-founder April Hodson has made it her mission specifically to develop high-quality, safe, comfortable, and effect feminine hygiene and personal care solutions.  

One of our very first products--that was more popular and loved than we ever could have imagined--was our Sea Clouds™ Sea Sponge Tampons.  Unfortunately, due to an unexpected high demand for this product and equally low shortage of premium quality sea sponges, we have been forced to discontinue this popular product.

As of today, a huge percentage our our customer base and the folks that visit this website are women, specifically women who want better, safer, greener, cleaner and more comfortable personal feminine care solutions.  For this reason, in spite of a few set-backs, we have not given up on our original mission or on all the women out there who want and need better period care products.  

Which is why we are very excited to announce that The Sea Sponge Company™ Inc. will be launching a brand new sister company focused especially on women and personal feminine hygiene needs.  Introducing Femallay™ Inc., coming spring of 2016!  

The goal of Femallay™ is to free woman everywhere to love the way they care for their periods, their bodies, each other, and the world around them.  To that end, we have developed the original, reusable, completely unique, and incredibly convenient Femallay™ Easy-Empty Menstrual Cup with Pinch-and-Flow™ valve technology.

As part of a special pre-launch to close friends and family, and to our current loyal fans and customers at The Sea Sponge Company™, we have made a promotional discount code for an additional 15% off!  Just use coupon code "SAVE15" at checkout (second page of checkout) to receive an additional 15% OFF your Femallay™ Cup.  To learn more please visit the Femallay™ Cup Product Page.

More exciting announcements will be forthcoming as we finish up the website and get closer to the official launch, so keep checking back in here in the mean time!  :-)

February 17, 2016 by Aaron & April Hodson