Are Natural Sea Sponges Vegan-Friendly?

Are Sea Sponges Vegan Friendly?

Do Vegans use natural sea sponges for bathing, cosmetic, art, and other applications?  We have Vegan customers who have felt free to do so with peace of mind, and so can you!  We couldn't venture to speak for all natural sponge companies, but The Sea Sponge Company™ Inc. is committed to protecting the animals and the environment in which we live.  

There has been much debate over the years regarding the nature of sea sponges.  Are they coral?  With their hard outer shell, they look a lot like coral!  Are they plants?  They certainly live and grow like plants!  Are they animals?  One of the ways they create new sponges is by releasing spores, which combine with other spores, and this has led the scientific world to lean towards classifying sponges as animals.  But let's take a deeper look, shall we?

Unlike the infamous Sponge Bob Square Pants - or perhaps just like Sponge Bob - sea sponges have no brain, no organs, no nerves.  As with other sea plants, they don't talk, think, or feel.  Nor do they live in giant pineapples under the sea.  They DO attach themselves to the bottom of the ocean and remain in one spot the rest of their lives.  The water that flows through their numerous pores provides them with everything they need to continue to live and grow.

When our divers harvest the natural sea sponges that we sell, the closest action we can relate their practice to is that of a gardener pruning his roses.  The tops of the sponges are cut off, which as we already know the sponges do not know or feel this happening.  But the bottom of the sponges are left intact, more than enough for each harvested sea sponge to grow back even healthier and fuller than before.  

Additionally, our divers allow the harvested sponges to release thousands of spores before taking them aboard their boats, spores which will settle to the ocean floor and grow into new sponge colonies.  Think of the divers as bees pollinating the ocean floors!  This makes for an incredibly sponge-friendly, renewable, and sustainable practice.

Since the Vegan's goal is to live without exploiting animals for the benefit of animals, people, and the planet, we hope you will agree, as our other Vegan customers have, that sea sponges are not harmed, but in fact helped by our company and customers.  Check out our many different natural sea sponges here.

June 01, 2014 by April Hodson

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