The Many Uses of Sea Sponges # 2 Cosmetics, Beauty, & Skincare

The Many Uses of Sea Sponges # 2 Cosmetics, Beauty, & Skincare

Natural, sustainably harvested sea sponges are the ideal choice for a wide array of cosmetic and beauty applications.  Not only are sea sponges the reusable, biodegrade, and 100% earth friendly solution for all of your beauty, skin care, makeup, and cosmetics needs, they are also completely safe and natural and are better for your skin than synthetic alternatives.  Unlike cotton based products and cleansing towelettes, natural sea sponges do not introduce your skin to chemical residues, dioxin, and synthetic fragrances.  Instead, they gently cleanse and exfoliate while providing your skin with natural sea minerals that are good for you.

Sea Sponges for Nail Care

Cosmetic Sea Sponges for Nail Care, Makeup Touch-up, and First Aid

Sea sponges are prefect for manicures, pedicures, and everyday nail care, because they are durable and absorbent while much gentler and more moisturizing than synthetics cotton based products.  For healthier nail care, basic first aid, and smaller cosmetic applications try Sea Puffs™ Mediterranean Silk “Cotton Ball” Sea Sponges.  Silk sea sponges are considered the best choice for nail care, basic first aid, and makeup touchup, because they are denser than other sea sponges while still soft to the touch.  Sea Puffs™ “Cotton Balls” may be used dry for a dense and more absorbent application, or wet for easier cleaning or smoothing applications.

Sea Sponge for Facial Exfoliation

Cosmetic Sea Sponges for Exfoliation

Natural sea sponge are also great for gentle skin exfoliation and deep cleansing because they are less irritating to your skin than microfiber cloths and other microdermabrasion techniques.  Additionally, exfoliating sea sponges are completely natural, biodegradable, contain healthy sea minerals, and contain natural enzymes that help to fight bacteria and odors, making them last longer and stay fresher while being reused over and over again.   For a natural and gentle facial exfoliation solution try our Sea Exfoliator Junior™ Yellow Sea Sponge Facial Exfoliation.  For a natural full body exfoliation experience, try our Sea Exfoliator™ Yellow Sea Sponge for Body Exfoliation.  Our exfoliation sea sponges may be used with or without your choice of your favorite scrub or polish for a soothing and rejuvenating skin exfoliation experience that leaves your skin feeling fresher and cleaner than ever before.

Sea Puffs™ Cosmetic Sea Sponges

Cosmetic Sea Sponges for Facial Cleansing and Makeup Application

For day to day facial cleansing, including makeup removal, applying acne cleansers, gentle exfoliation, and basic washing, nothing does the job better than a 3”- 4” Mediterranean Silk sea sponge.  Silk sea sponges are the gentlest and softest of all sea sponges, while still being dense enough to ever-so-gently exfoliate and cleanse, and they are hypoallergenic making them the perfect option for men, women, and teens with especially sensitive skin.  For a premium facial cleansing sponge that will last longer, cleanse better, and leave your skin, your home, and your world healthier and cleaner than ever try or Sea Puffs™ Large Cosmetic Sea Sponge.

To learn more about the cosmetic sea sponges that we offer at The Sea Sponge Company™ check out our entire cosmetic collection here.

September 09, 2014 by Aaron Hodson

The Many Uses of Sea Sponges # 1 Bathing

The Many Uses of Sea Sponges # 1 Bathing

Some would say that the natural sea sponge is one of the greatest bathing luxuries and most unique ocean marvels of all time.  We at The Sea Sponge Company™ would agree.  Enjoyed by royalty and treasured by all since ancient times, the sea sponge has found many practical uses in cleaning, personal hygiene, art, and one the most popular of course, bathing.

Why Bathing With a Natural Sea Sponge Is Better 

Most notably, sea sponges are exceptionally soft on the skin, lather amazingly well, and are super absorbent – due to their naturally porous nature – offering one of the most soothing and effective bathing experiences in the world. Sea sponges are also very dense and durable, lasting much longer than most synthetic bathing aids. 

Bathing with a natural sea sponge is also good for you skin, because sea sponges contain many different sea minerals and enzymes that nourish and rejuvenate your skin ever so gently. Additionally, these innate enzymes naturally inhibit the odors, mildew, and bacteria commonly found in wash cloths and synthetic bathing sponges. 

Lastly, bathing with a natural sea sponges is 100% earth friendly, because sea sponges are sustainably harvested and are a renewable resource. They are also naturally processed with minimal waste and without the uses of harsh chemicals or dyes and are 100% biodegradable. 

How to Choose the Right Bathing Sea Sponge for You  

Of the thousands of sea sponges yet discovered only a handful are actually harvested for commercial use, and among those some are much better for bathing than others. Some of the most well-known natural sea sponge varieties that could be used for bathing include Grass, Yellow, Wool, Honeycomb, and Silk. Among these varieties of sea sponges there are also Raw verses cleaned sea sponges and a great variance in color, density, texture and shape depending on where the sponges are harvested from. 

At The Sea Sponge Company™ we have selected only the best of these sponges to offer for bathing purposes based on their strength, durability, softness, and overall quality. 

The Mediterranean Silk Bathing Sea Sponge is our premium choice bathing sponge, most enjoyed for its luxurious silky soft texture and hypoallergenic qualities, especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin.  Many people also find our Lil’ Silky™ Mediterranean Silk baby bathing sea sponges the ideal bathing solution for infants and babies, because they effectively clean with or without soap while being super gentle and soothing on the skin.       

The Prime Wool Bathing Sea Sponge is equally soft, while also lathering exceptionally well, and is slightly cheaper in cost, for those who prefer a high quality, earth friendly bathing option that is also economical.  We also offer Lil Lamby™ a premium quality prime wool bathing sea sponge ideal for babies and toddlers.  Caregivers love our Lil Lamby™ baby bathing sponges as much as our Lil Silkies™ because they lather super fast, make bath time fun, and are completely pure and safe for your little one, your home, and the environment.

The Rock Island Wool Bathing Sea Sponge is one of our most popular choice for bathing because, while also lathering extremely well and being very soft, they are slightly denser and stronger than many other bathing sea sponges and for this reason last a very long time, making them the overall most economical bathing choice for those looking for a hardy, eco-friendly, natural bathing product that will require minimal replacements.  Because Rock Island Wool sponges are so durable, we also offer the Sea Wild™ Bathing Sea Sponge for Outdoor Enthusiasts, which comes travel-ready and is the ideal size and type of sea sponge for hikers, backpackers, campers, kayakers, hunters, fishers, and all sorts of other folks who love travel and adventure.

To learn more about the bathing sea sponges that we offer at The Sea Sponge Company™ you can check out our entire bathing collection here.

September 01, 2014 by Aaron Hodson

Are Natural Sea Sponges Vegan-Friendly?

Are Sea Sponges Vegan Friendly?

Do Vegans use natural sea sponges for bathing, cosmetic, art, and other applications?  We have Vegan customers who have felt free to do so with peace of mind, and so can you!  We couldn't venture to speak for all natural sponge companies, but The Sea Sponge Company™ Inc. is committed to protecting the animals and the environment in which we live.  

There has been much debate over the years regarding the nature of sea sponges.  Are they coral?  With their hard outer shell, they look a lot like coral!  Are they plants?  They certainly live and grow like plants!  Are they animals?  One of the ways they create new sponges is by releasing spores, which combine with other spores, and this has led the scientific world to lean towards classifying sponges as animals.  But let's take a deeper look, shall we?

Unlike the infamous Sponge Bob Square Pants - or perhaps just like Sponge Bob - sea sponges have no brain, no organs, no nerves.  As with other sea plants, they don't talk, think, or feel.  Nor do they live in giant pineapples under the sea.  They DO attach themselves to the bottom of the ocean and remain in one spot the rest of their lives.  The water that flows through their numerous pores provides them with everything they need to continue to live and grow.

When our divers harvest the natural sea sponges that we sell, the closest action we can relate their practice to is that of a gardener pruning his roses.  The tops of the sponges are cut off, which as we already know the sponges do not know or feel this happening.  But the bottom of the sponges are left intact, more than enough for each harvested sea sponge to grow back even healthier and fuller than before.  

Additionally, our divers allow the harvested sponges to release thousands of spores before taking them aboard their boats, spores which will settle to the ocean floor and grow into new sponge colonies.  Think of the divers as bees pollinating the ocean floors!  This makes for an incredibly sponge-friendly, renewable, and sustainable practice.

Since the Vegan's goal is to live without exploiting animals for the benefit of animals, people, and the planet, we hope you will agree, as our other Vegan customers have, that sea sponges are not harmed, but in fact helped by our company and customers.  Check out our many different natural sea sponges here.

June 01, 2014 by April Hodson